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Kalymnos is "The Aegean Climbing Paradise"

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Photos from our dives

A brocken amphora covered by sponges
Hermodice carunculata - Bearded fireworm - Σκολοπαντρία
Leptopsammia pruvoti - Yellow coral - Κίτρινο κοράλι
Noble pen shell or fan mussel - Πίννα - Pinna nobilis
Blue cave - It's a miracle
Casteli cape close up
Octopus vulgaris - Common octopus - Χταπόδι
Caulerpa racemosa - Sea Grape - Θαλασσινά σταφύλια
Plesionika narval - Narwhal shrimp - Μονόκερη γαρίδα
Deep Water Solo
Dentex photo from Wikipedia
Dolphins bay
Antedon mediterranea on a Axinella spp - Mediterranean feather star on a yellow Axinella (sponge) - Φτερωτός αστερίας πάνω σε κίτρινο Αξινέλι - Σταθόρι (σφουγγάρι)
Emma's reef
Triton's trumpet - Charonia variegata -  Μπουρού, Χόχος
Gefyra shore
Grigoris reef
Grigoris wall
Cavern with Corals, Sponges, Rhodophyta - Κοίλωμα με κοράλια, σφουγγάρια και ροδόφυτα
 Compass jellyfish - Tsouchtra, Medousa Τσούχτρα, Μέδουσα - Chrysaora hysoscella -
Kalamies reef
Kalavros reef
Labyrinth of Telendos
Melitsacha shore
Huge rocks with vertical walls
Natura 2000
Fish at Natural Aquarium
Panormitis wreck
Brown seaweeds -Phaeophyta: Padina pavonica - Peacock's tail - Ουρά του παγωνιού
Inside the Pirates cave
Platy Gialos shore
Posidonia oceanica - Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed - Ποσειδωνία
Queen of Telendos
Lithophyllum lichenoides
Plesionika narval - Narwhal shrimp - Μονόκερη γαρίδα
South frontier of the sunken city
Sponge farm in 2002
Agelas oroides and Haliclona mediterranea
Stavros Valsamidis canyons
The sunken city is submerged between Kalymnos an Telendos Island
Thor Star wreck at Pserimos island
a big “window” formed on the rocks, where from it was named
Vlichadia seal cave - Mikes exploring the roof of the arch
Vlichadia shore
Volcano at Liani Pounda
Vouros philoxenia
When you are inside the cave you feel like watching the outside view through windows
Wooden shipwreck
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Videos from our dives

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Embedded thumbnail for Casteli Cape
Embedded thumbnail for Cephalopod (Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Nautilus, Argonauta)
Embedded thumbnail for Crustacean (Barnacles, shrimps, hermit crabs, crabs, lobster)
Embedded thumbnail for Echinoderms (Crinoids, starfish, brittle stars, sea-urchins, sea-cucumbers)
Embedded thumbnail for Emma's reef
Embedded thumbnail for Gastropoda (Sea snails, Sea slugs, Nudibranch)
Embedded thumbnail for Labyrinth of Telendos
Embedded thumbnail for Learn to Scuba Dive in 3 Easy Steps
Embedded thumbnail for Meteora of Kalymnos
Embedded thumbnail for Natural Aquarium
Embedded thumbnail for Panormitis wreck
Embedded thumbnail for Shrimps cave
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Contact us

Our base is in Hotel ELIES, Panormos

  • at the center of Panormos village,
  • 100 meters South of ELIES square,
  • on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

Find ELIES square at about:

  • 3 kilometers from Masouri towards Kalymnos port
  • 6 kilometers from Kalymnos port 

coming from Myrties and Massouri coming from Kalymnos port Our location

Find us on Kalymnos map

Mobile: 0030-6973015550

Tel: 0030-22430-47890


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