Dolphins meet divers!

Dolphins of Kalymnos!

Jumping dolphin - photo by Argiris GeorgantisDolphins live on Kalymnos Island. We see them moving around, surfacing to breath, jumping out of the sea, or following the boats for a while.

We also see them in fish farms where they go to eat dead fish and their food leftovers. 

But no one has ever met wild dolphins underwater, in their natural environmet. We were very lucky to be the first!

Our lucky meeting!

Dolphins examine Andrew.Nothing indicated that we would have the most exciting experience ever! The unexpected underwater visit of 3 curious wild dolphins!

It was June 2nd 2017. A normal dive day like any of the thousands of dive days during our 10 years of operation.

The group was:

  • My brother Mikes. PADI Instructor and very experienced dive leader.
  • Andrew from England. PADI Instructor who came to work with our team. And
  • Andi (Andreas) from Germany. A climber having his rest day. 
  • Me, Nikolas, captain and surface guard.

The plan was to have 2 dives with Andrew, to introduce him our dives so that he can guide them too. Then, Andi booked a double dive last minute. 

From left to right. Andrew, Nikolas, Andi. Mikes and Andi. Snapshot of Telendos Canyons.

The first dive was the spectacular Telendos Canyons. The Open Water Diver version of Telendos Labyrinth

The weather was very good. So we decided the second dive to be the Queen of Telendos. A nice and easy dive, with fascinating landscape and interesting life.

What did I see from the diving boat?

A while after their descend, the divers were at about 50 meters away from the boat. But something seemed unusual:

  • They took a different direction than the usual one.
  • Their bubbles stayed at the same point; Meaning that the divers were not moving.

I thought that they have stoped for something interesting, probably an octopus. 

And then I saw dolphins coming out of the sea, not far away from the divers' bubbles.

I was so excited that it seemed like forever until I was able to find my mobile to take videos!

But did the divers see them too? And if so, did Mikes get a picture or video?

Oh YES! Not only had they seen them but Mikes filled up the camera's card with videos. For us to enjoy their fantastic experience. 

Dolphins choosing to observe you while you dive, is a once in a lifetime experience!

It's the dolphins that decided to meet the divers. That's why the title of this article is "Dolphins meet divers".

The dolphins came close to observe the divers. Then moved away to find something to eat and returned back again and again.

Playing around the divers, swimming with extreme charm and even trying to comunicate!

They make a very characteristic sound while passing infront of the divers. As if they are waiting for them to respond and for their reaction. (You can listen to this sound at the beginning of this video and at it's normal position later on.) 

Enjoy the full video below!

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