Certified Divers scuba diving with us

What's like to dive Kalymnos?

Feather starfish and yellow sponge. Scene from one of our dives. The sea round our beautiful island is crystal clear. With high visibility all year round. The excellent rocky seabed, favors the development of rich marine habitats.

Certified divers will find an amazing biodiversity. In and under spectacular rock formations. Like reefs, walls, caves, arches, canyons and caverns (open caves)

You will enjoy different, interesting and adventurous fun dives within a short distance. 

Certified divers enjoy fun, adventurous, challenging scuba diving with us. Amazing biodiversity - spectacular seabed.

A small sample of our dive sites.

Amphoras garden

A broken amphora covered by sponges

Ancient wrecks on Kalymnos. The Aegean sea was the main route to connect the ancient developed countries. For thousands of years, wooden...

Labyrinth of Telendos

Labyrinth of Telendos

A mythical name for a mythical dive site! It is a complex of rocks, small reefs, canyons, arches and caverns. Covered by colorful sponges,...

Nereus Palace

View from Inside Nereus Palace.

You'll spend the whole dive in it! Nereus, the god of the sea before Poseidon, lived in a beautiful underwater cave. If it was to be real,...

Weather conditions.

The underwater temperatule is around 18o Celcious (65 Fahrenheit ) in April. And up to 25o Celcious (77 Fahrenheit) in September and October.

The sun is shining from mid April until mid November. With a few cloudy days and litle rain before December.

The sea is calm most of the days of April, May, June, September and October. Sometimes in July and August we have a rough sea. Due to "Meltemi", the sea breeze which cool us down the hot days. This does not prevent us from scuba diving.

How do we dive.

We make guided boat dives in small groups. Our morning, afternoon or night trips last an average of 4 hours. 

We start our trips from the port of Melitsacha at Myrties. It is between Masouri and Panormos

We plan our dives according to the participants certification levell and experience.  

Our exclusive dive sites.

We have more than 30 different dive sites for certified divers. Either explored by our personnel or introduced to us by good friends. Every year we explore new dive sites.

How much does it cost to dive with us?

Individuals Families, Groups Own gear discount Description
Single dive 70 € 60 €

1 boat dive. Full diving gear   ...

Night Dive 90 € 80 € 10 €

For Advanced or higher level certified divers. And as part of PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. 1 boat...

Refresh 90 € 80 €

Scuba Review + 1 open water boat dive   ...

2 Dives package 110 € 100 € 10 €

1 day diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip. 2 dives total with Full Equipment or withTanks &...

4 Dives package 210 € 190 € 20 €

2 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip. 4 dives total with Full Equipment or with Tanks & Weights...

6 Dives package 310 € 280 € 30 €

3 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  6 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

8 Dives package 410 € 370 € 40 €

4 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  8 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course 420 € 380 €

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course: Knowledge development with PADI eLearning.  5 different adventure dives...

10 Dives package 500 € 450 € 50 €

5 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  10 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

12 Dives package 600 € 540 € 60 €

6 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  12 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

14 Dives package 700 € 630 € 70 €

7 days diving - 1 trip per day - 2 guided dives per trip.  14 dives total with Full equipment or with Tanks &...

Any dive vacation packages available?

Visit our website for more information: kalymnosdiving.gr

Our facebook page with daily cativity and photos: facebook.com/kalymnosdiving

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Mikes Reissis
+30 6973015550

Mikes Reissis,  Managing Instructor, Reservations

Nikolas Reissis
+30 6947604120 

Nikolas Reissis, Reservations, Information


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Find us in Hotel ELIES, Panormos See us on Google map

Find ELIES square at about:

  • 3 kilometers from Masouri towards Kalymnos port
  • 6 kilometers from Kalymnos port 

About us

Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos is an unspoiled picturesque Greek island. Located between Kos and Leros in the Aegean sea, Greece.

KALYMNOS Diving Center

We are an authorized PADI 5 Star Dive Resort. The only one on the island. Pioneer since 2008.

KALYMNOS Diving Center is an Authorized PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

With individual care and attention, we offer:

Recreational scuba diving and PADI training for beginners and for certified divers.

Diving holidays packages for buddies, families, groups and solo travelers.

We offer Free PADI eLearning for all courses.

Decrypting the "PADI 5 Star Dive Resort"

PADI = Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The biggest diving training organization worldwide.

5 Star = we provide professional and outstanding service

Dive Resort = we cater to the traveling diver.

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