Casteli Cape

A dive site suitable for all diving levels

Casteli Cape is the South end of Kalymnos Diving Park, at about 1,65 nautical miles from Melitchacha port.

It was named so by a small castle on the top of it. Casteli Cape has a beautiful small chapel built for Virgin Mary (Panagia) which you can see from far away.

Casteli wall Casteli cape close up  

The area is famous among climbers and local spear fishermen, due to the rocky steepen land over and underwater. The place is also accessible by feet through a path starting from the main road.

Casteli cape is suitable for all scuba diving levels, for free diving and for snorkeling.  

Casteli Cape from far away Casteli graphic

At the beginning we meet blocks of big rocks and at a short distance we meet a vertical wall which ends down to at about 40 meters depth.

Throughout the journey we meet colorful sponges, sea anemones, moray eels, nudibranchs, starfish, octopus, fish, seagrass meadows on the seabed and green algae , red algae and brown algae on and under the rocks and in holes.

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KALYMNOS Diving Center is an Authorized PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

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