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Kalymnos is "The Aegean Climbing Paradise"

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About sponges

Colorful sponges!

Commercial sponges.

When we say sponges, we usually mean commercial sponges. Sponges that keep their durability and softness once...

Dolphins meet divers!

Dolphins examine Andrew.

Dolphins of Kalymnos!

Dolphins live on Kalymnos Island. We see them moving around, surfacing to breath, jumping out of the sea, or...

Panormitis wreck

Panormitis wreck

FJELLSTRAND. A Norwegian ship, seized by Nazis and sunk on Kalymnos Island!

"FJELLSTRAND", translated to "Mountain Beach" in English, was...

Scuba diving Greece

Ancient amphoras in Valsamidis Sea World Museum (Kalymnos Island)

The Greek seabed is now available to scuba divers.

The Greek seas are full of ancient wrecks, ruins, sunken cities and treasures.


Sunken City

The sunken city is submerged between Kalymnos an Telendos Island

POTHA - the sunken city of Telendos Island.

Until 554 AC, Telendos and Kalymnos were one island. Then an earthquake sank a piece of land...

The Diving Heritage of Kalymnos Island

sponge divers

Kalymnos is famous as the Sponge Divers' Island.

The main activity of Kalymnian population was diving, processing and trading sponges. ...

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