Scuba Diving Holidays Packages

Dive Vacations on Kalymnos Island. A top diving destination in Greece!

New diver or certified diver? Whatever your diving level may be, we guarantee your fun. 

Hotel ELIES pool

Accommodation at Hotel ELIES. Scuba Diving with KALYMNOS Diving Center.

We own both and so we can offer reduced prices for combining accommodation and scuba diving.

  • Custom made dive vacation packages to suit your actual desires.
    • Any number of persons,
    • Any number of rooms,
    • Any duration of stay and
    • Any combination of diving activity.
  • Every member of your team can choose it's own diving activity. And even to not dive at all.

Usual scuba diving holidays packages.

Try and Decide

1 week

154 €

2 weeks

286 €

Not sure if you like scuba diving?

Decide after a free and safe dive in our pool!...

Sounds nice!

Climb and Dive

1 week

254 €

2 weeks

386 €

Climber and certified diver?

Dive in underwater canyons and crags on your rest day...

Sounds nice!

Learn to scuba dive

1 week

404 €

2 weeks

536 €

Become a PADI certified diver.

You need 3 half days only, to learn to scuba dive....

Sounds nice!

Certified divers, own equipment

1 week

554 €

2 weeks

686 €

We provide tanks and weights.

Dive in a choice of the best dive sites on Kalymnos.

  • 5...
Sounds nice!

Certified divers, full equipment.

1 week

604 €

2 weeks

736 €

We provide all the equipment.

Dive in a choice of the best dive sites on Kalymnos.


Sounds nice!

Learn to scuba dive. For families.

1 week

654 €

2 weeks

786 €

Learn to dive with your buddy!

You will become PADI certified divers in 3 days. And you will have...

Sounds nice!

Please note that the prices can change without notification. And that they don't reflect possible extra offers.

Use our booking system to see the current prices and offers. Or contact us with your wishes, to get an offer.

Book your Scuba Diving Holidays.

You will not find any ready made packages in our online booking system.  Think of the described dive vacations packages as examples. And use our online booking system to create your own version. The process is simple:

  • Add your accommodation details. As you would do with any hotel's online booking system.
  • Add your diving activities from the provided list of "Additional Services". As you would do with any online shop.

That's it!  You have your own dive vacation package. Adjusted to your exact wishes!

Instructions to book online.

  1. Add your Accommodation Details.
  2. Use the Promo Code: GROUP  if you book
    • for Families of at least 3 members or
    • for Groups of Friends of at least 4 persons.
  3. Perform Search.
  4. Find the list of "Additional Services" under the room type "Scuba Diving Holidays".
  5. Select any combination of diving activities from this list.

If you prefer so, let us know what you want and Book offline

Contact us

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