Grigoris, a spearfishing legend!Grigoris Mouzourakis - a typical spearfishing trip

Grigoris (Gregory), is practicing freediving, spearfishing and scuba diving since he was a child.

Having a strong family background in sponge diving, he became a great freediver, a legend spear fisherman and an expert of the sea bed.

He has explored every wreck, cave and reef of Kalymnos seabed and the surrounding islands within a 150 miles radius.

Grigoris, a rising star in lyra manufacturing!Grigoris Mouzourakis - constructor of beautiful lyre (lyra) with an excellent sound

With his characteristic passion and craft, Grigoris makes lyres of exceptional beauty and great sound. His lyres are highly appreciated by the top Cretan musicians. 

Grigoris dive sites in brief

Each dive site that Grigoris showed us, is a sensitive habitat.

Respecting his wish to protect the biodiversity of these sites and especially to protect the fishes living in these habitats from amateur fishermen, we changed the real names of these dive sites and we try to keep secret their location.

Dentex camp

Dentex photo from Wikipedia

Dentex will survive!

It is a nice deep reef, which a huge number of dentex, visit during specific days and time.


Grigoris Nice Reef

Grigoris Nice Reef. A new dive site for advanced divers!

New dive site available from June 2017.

Crystal clear water, fabulous biodiversity. For advanced open water divers.

Meteora of Kalymnos

Huge rocks with vertical walls

An underwater complex of huge rocks.

The complex stands in the middle of the open sea.

Huge rocks, fully dressed with green, red...

The North Frontier of the Sunken City

Grigoris wall

Small wall on a rich reef.

At the North side of the Sunken City, a reef starts at 12 meters depth. A small wall starts at 22 meters and...

The South Frontier of the Sunken City

Grigoris reef

An underwater mountain!

At the South side of the Sunken City, a reef forms a small and narrow mountain. It's top is at 10 meters depth...

Window with view

When you are inside the cave you feel like watching the outside view through windows

Also known as "The eyes of tiger"!

This is a deep reef with a huge wall and a exceptionally unique cave.

The cave is penetrating...

Map with our dive sites and driving directions to find us in Hotel ELIES, Panormos

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