Climbing and Scuba Diving Kalymnos island Greece

Climb "The Aegean Climbing Paradise" - Dive "The Sponge Divers Island"!

As a climber you already know the climbing advantages of Kalymnos. Excellent rock quality, quick access, spectacular crags, overhangs and caves.

Kalymnos is "The Aegean Climbing Paradise"   

The same scenery continues underwater within short distance. Fascinating views, crystal clear water and habitats with rich fauna and flora.

Scuba Diving is an exciting sport. It is also very easy to learnMaking the combination of climbing and scuba diving Kalymnos, a lifetime experience.

Combine climbing and scuba diving.

We know climbing is your first priority. Leaving limited time for other activities.

No problem! We'll adjust your diving schedule in a way that you don't sacrifice climbing.

If you are diving for first time.

Make your first dive within 3 hoursYou can make your first dives within short time.

  • Our FREE Try Dive lasts half an hour,
  • 2 dives includind boat trip will take 4 hours. 
  • To become a PADI certified diver you need 3 days only. 

See all your options at our page Scuba Diving for first time.

If you are a certified diver.

You will love our adventurous, challenging, exclusive dive sites.

Explore with us the spectacular seabed of Kalymnos Island.Dive one day only or have a bunch of dives at different spots with our flexible program: 

  • Afternoon trips for your climbing days.
  • Morning trips for your rest days.

Or get the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. To expand your knowledge and scuba skills in 2 days with 5 fascinating specialty dives.

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